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Buy your Coffee Robusta today!

Yes, if you still haven’t tried variety Robusta, maybe now it’s the time.

Coffee has been exported, imported, sold, borrowed, stored and finally blended in our homes every day. It is the taste that has manipulated many people. Coffee history surely dates back to the 10th century and thanks to Ethiopia, all of us now can get our daily boost by simply brewing coffee and water. Two important variables for great coffee is only clean water and coffee grounds. But what this 21st-century technology has provided us is all time favourite of people like us who work day and night and challenging our body every day to achieve the ladder of success is none other than ‘Instant coffee’.

Instant Coffee

As the name suggests, what can be better than instant, it's super-fast and quick. When you are in a rush, get your energy boost just by hot water. It is super easy to brew yourself and this product has changed our experience with coffee forever. Now, this all-time favourite universal beverage is even more convenient than before. Coffee drinkers are increasing and it’s like everyone is enjoying the rich taste.

Indian Robusta

Coffee variety Robusta and especially Indian Robusta is one of the premium variety with good blending quality. Indian coffee has created its impact on the International market and 65 to 70% of the coffee produced in the country is exported. It was in the 18th century that commercial plantation of Indian coffee started. It has managed to help the strong coffee culture in many parts of the world. Indian Robusta has more strength and can be used in various blends. It is of superior quality with smooth intense aroma and clean flavor. Robusta accounts for 70 % of Indian coffee production. Being grown in different parts of the country, it has given exciting variations to the flavor of Indian coffee. What else? Since they are grown in shade, they are bird friendly too. It is more environmental friendly if coffee is grown at a place with high diversity shade and India is among few countries that grow coffee still using traditional techniques.

Clean Robusta can provide several benefits in your espresso blend and it gives the strong coffee consuming drinkers an extra buzz with a more fortified blend. It intensify the richness and longevity of your next blend and the good part is flavor remains the same Also, Robusta has a strong taste with longer shelf life and grainy essence. It has twice as much as caffeine content than Arabica. Not only this but also the aftertaste of this variety has been appreciated by many coffee drinkers around the world.

Have you heard of the benefits?

Coffee, which is one of the most popular drinks of the world, research has confirmed that it is actually a rich source of dietary antioxidants which play an important role in protecting our body against free radicals. It is also the source of polyphenol compounds. No wonder, it is known as Brown gold, these beans have traveled many parts of the world since its discovery. Caffeine is the psychoactive substance in coffee that gives us boost during office hours and exams. It has proven scientifically that it improves our mental performance. It makes us smart, improves our energy levels, helps you burn fat, and lowers the risk of type2 diabetes. It may also protect us from Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia, may lower the risk of Parkinson’s disease, some types of cancer and stroke, and have a protective effect on the liver. Is something left? Then it can make us happy too! Coffee lowers the risk of developing depression.

How can it taste different?

Now, can we make this amazing drink more amazing? Well, there are tried ways to taste that aroma of coffee which not only involves milk and sugar. In Finland, coffee is poured over cheese. In Turkey, unfiltered coffee is served in a pot called ‘Cezve’. Italian espresso comes with lemon slices and at some places, dark coffee is also mixed together with different spices like cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg.According to a coffee expert, the higher the pressure you apply to your coffee, the more flavor comes in your cup.

Try your Café Noir today

So, what are you waiting for? Wake up and grab a coffee. Try the best quality coffee from Victory Food which is not only superior in taste but also visually appealing, aromatic and miraculously soluble. Café Noir is one of the brands and is prepared by putting 1 to 2 teaspoons in your mug. Add hot water, cream, sugar, and milk if desired. There are 3 varieties: spray dried, agglomerated and freeze dried. Enjoy the best coffee in the world!

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